Congratulations for Prizewinners in 2021 - See you in 2023
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Prize winners' gala concert

20th of June, 2021 6pm. 

National Theatre of Szeged  


It has become a tradition that Winners of The 'József Simándy' International Singing Competition receiving their prizes at a ceremonial Gala Concert in the National Theatre of Szeged. Winners perform opera arias with the Symphony Orchestra of Szeged conducted by Sándor Gyüdi.


In this competition many talented singers appeared who became young stars of the Hungarian and international opera world. We warmly recommend this event that gives a special musical experience to every participant.

Let us enjoy great musical achievments and cheer together for the next generation of opera stars!

Tickets are available at Ticket Office of National Theater of Szeged. 


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About the competition

Diána Kiss

1st Category , 3rd Prize (2016)

„The József Simándy Singing Competition gave me several experiences: in addition to meeting fellow singers, I also got to know myself from a new side. I recommend that everyone experience the feeling of being on stage and demonstrating their talent with the best of their knowlede within a few minutes.”

Máté Fülep

3rd Category, Special Prize (2018)

„When I first appeared at The Simándy Competition, the excitement of winning was important. Then I have realized that this is not just a competition, this a meeting point of Hungarian opera life. A great arena where we can show our artistic development, meet fellow singers who will be our future collagues, voice teachers, conductors, repetiteurs and other opera experts. And even the Bartók Radio broadcast our production. In 2018 meeting with the widow of the tenor legend, Mrs.József Simándy had a huge impact on me. I am so happy for the results and opportunities this competition gave me and grateful for the organizers who keep this tradition alive.”

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György Hanczár

2nd Category ’József Simándy’ Grand Prix (2016)

„Participation in competitions plays a crucial role in lives of every young singer. In addition to our professional knowledge, we also compete with our nervs to find out who has the mental capacity and where the boundaries are. Participation is fortunate, because it can reveal where the young singer needs to develop, and it turns out where those particular boundaries need to be pushed further. Personally, when I started the Simándy Singing Competition, I had my own set of standards that I planned to jump on. I feel this competition has given me the opportunity to do so, and furthermore allowed me to put my footstep to the international opera market. I will always be grateful!”

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